Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and out of school, US citizen, permanent resident or refugee status; NYS resident for at least one year prior to enrollment date; meet academic and income eligibility requirements to receive services and for admission into EOC programs. Some vocational training programs require possession of a High School or HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma. TABE test reading and math skills levels are associated with program entry requirements. All applicants must complete the intake and assessment process, provide sufficient income documentation, and attend an interview and orientation before admission and registration is confirmed.

Documentation of the following items must be submitted (as applicable) and reviewed  before EOC eligibility can be determined:

  1. Proof of last year’s total income: 1040, HRA Budget, SSA Letter, Proof of Workers Comp, Veterans Benefits etc.
  2. Proof of age
  3. Proof of NYS residency for the last 12 months (prior to enrollment)
  4. Proof of permanent residency status

Economic Eligibility (continued)

An applicant is economically eligible if he/she is a member of a household supported by one member with a total annual income that does not exceed the following (note: we have additional 200% TANF guidelines (Please see chart) or receiving income from social security, veterans benefits, or NYS Department of Social Services.

In a household supported by more than one worker or in a household where one worker is the sole support of a one-parent household– the total income may not exceed the table amount. The income does not include the applicant’s income unless the applicant is the head-of-household or the second worker supporting the household. The in-come figures apply to the applicant’s income only when the applicant is an independent student as defined by SUNY (consult an EOC Admissions Advisor).

Family income is not used to determine economic eligibility if the applicant’s family receives income from the following: social security, veteran’s benefits, vocational rehabilitation, public assistance, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Need Families), HR (Home Relief) and Family Day Care programs, New York State or County Department of Social Services, Foster Care Agency, or the applicant is a ward of the state.

Eligibility  Requirements

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